6 thoughts on “Anthropologie Inspired Paper Wysteria Tutorial

    1. Jenny Kerr Post author

      I think as long as they don’t get wet they would be fine. If someone wanted to add a bit more whimsy they could use colored or patterned tissue or for more strcuture craft paper could be used. I had thought how cute this would be with the big plate sequins for a party or something like that! Just spece them apart with beads or something. Not sure how it would work with fabric, but anything is worth a try I suppose!

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  2. Stephanie

    What a fantastic job. Quite honestly, yours look even better than Ruthi’s style! I’m curious to know where yours ended up! I think that the original style will be quicker to replicate, so like you suggested I will probably do a mixture of the two for a fuller effect without spending quite as much time. May I ask what kind of needle you used? Also, when you made her style, did you just twist or did you secure between the buds with something? Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Sharon Adams

    I made some delightful artificial flowers this past summer using dryer sheets (instead of coffee filters, tissue, etc.) I think that would be a keen idea for a project such as these wisteria where a breeze would surrender a fresh scent lightly in the air. Plus, I dyed the dryer sheets with simple watercolors (also I made peonies for bouquets)


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